Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kickboxing for Fitness

I took a kickboxing class recently that lasted all of 3 days. It was surprisingly quick to pick up and worked up quite a sweat - just learning how to kick correctly - which is always welcome because it means I'm pushing my body to its limit.

Any kind of movement is key to a healthy mind and body. Ask me, I spend hours in front of a computer because it brings home the money, though I'm not exactly cheering how long I sit down. Work can get engrossing, and one hour follows the next and before you know it you've been hunched over for more than 2 hours. The body gets sluggish and reflexes slow down. This is where a fitness routine, such as kickboxing, comes to your rescue.

The sessions made me feel amazing even hours after I got home

At one point, my instructor got chains bundled around my wrists and made me practice punching the air 100 times. Nope, that wasn't a typo. It was tiresome, but I learnt how to throw a punch while being able to control its intensity. Self defence and fitness rolled into one. How about that? 
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